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Virginia’s Eastern Shore Artisan Trail

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“Explore our creative bounty between the Chesapeake & Atlantic”

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The area’s pristine and unfettered beauty inspires the art, craft, food and wine of the artists and artisans who live in this unique and unspoiled coastal paradise. Discover studios, galleries, farms, wineries, theaters and festivals tucked away down long country lanes and in charming, busy harbor towns. Boat or fly to an island village in the middle of the Chesapeake.

Meet the people who live, work, create and play on Virginia’s Eastern Shore. Connected to mainland Virginia by the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel, this 70-mile coastal peninsula has been isolated from therest of the state for most of its four-hundred year history. The coastline looks much the same as it did in the early 1600s when the first Europeans stumbled across it. Here you will find the only wild barrier islands remaining on the entire Atlantic seaboard

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Participation Criteria

Eligible Eastern Shore Participants:

  • Craft Artisans
  • Agri-Artisans (Agri-tourism businesses)
  • Craft Related Businesses & Venues
  • Supporting Site Sponsors (Lodging, Restaurants, Cultural Points of Interest, etc)

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