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Birdsong Pleasure Garden

"We welcome you to our private gardens throughout the seasons where beauty and romance surround you."


By appointment, please, throughout the seasons.

$6 per person, $10 per couple

Phone:  540-743-9389

E-mail: birdsongpleasuregarden@gmail.com

Business Description:

  As our guest, we hope you will enjoy each of our garden areas.  Sit, relax, listen to the birds, and feel that this is a garden of pleasure and learning, relaxing yet filled with ideas to take home.

   Garden design is considered to be an art in most cultures.

   Pleasure Gardens were the amusement parks of Georgian England, during the 18th and 19th centuries.  Pleasure Gardens allowed visitors to escape the hustle and bustle of city life while offering them a variety of picturesque gardens, strolling paths, musical concerts, al fresco dining, waterfalls, fountain displays, dancing, and even firework shows. 

  We consider our garden park a Pleasure Garden that weaves together, over the gentle terrain, many landscaping areas.  Mountain vistas, broad garden and woodland paths, as well as unique plantings, invite you to stroll at your leisure.

  Each of our garden areas are a study of textures and forms, broad vistas or intimate settings. and color.   Benches, swings, and conversational areas are nestled into the garden, or under arbors, and are designed to allow the visitor a moment to rest and contemplate nature's wonders.   Statuary, sculptured hedges, urns, or finials mark the transitions between each of the garden areas. 

  Among our favorite garden areas are the perennial gardens, veggie garden, and orchards.  We also enjoy the herb garden, an allee', a bonsai garden, evergreen tree areas, daylily gardens, ponds, and cooling water features.

  It is a garden of pleasure and learning, relaxing yet filled with ideas to take home.  

  As our guest, we hope you will enjoy the special views.  Sit, relax, listen to the birds, and enjoy every part of our special garden. 

  If you have any landscaping or gardening questions, we are always glad to help answer your questions, or give you visual suggestions as we tour the grounds together.

General Course Offerings:

Private Tour 

As you receive a private guided tour of Birdsong Pleasure Garden, you will receive information about the various plants, trees, shrubs, and their maintenance, if you choose.

Whatever questions or gardening concerns you have will be discussed.   You may take notes, write down the names of the species of plants that interest you, and ask as many questions as you like.


Hands in the Dirt

If you would enjoy doing more than strolling through the garden...for example, learning about pruning, planting practices, weed identification, landscaping techniques, etc., please contact us for a specific date, time, and interest.

Upcoming Events:

SUMMER is warm, but cool in the shade!!  We have had lots of rain, the gardens and flowers are lush and vibrant.  We welcome you to visit and see the beauty for yourself.

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Birdsong Pleasure Garden

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By appointment, 540-743-9389




190 Long Fort Road, Luray, VA 22835