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Chessie Seafood and Aqua Farms

We grow oysters at the mouth of the salty York River, about 20 miles from the Atlantic, and only a mile or so from Yorktown

We have been growing oysters in the York River since 1995 and we recently received the 2016 Virginia Chef’s Association “Fresh Award” in recognition of our commitment to fostering responsible and sustainable food traditions.

We only harvest to order, ie, we do not harvest oysters and then find someone to sell them to. For any given days sale, oysters are harvested in the AM, refrigerated and chilled to 45 F before shipment and then delivered in the PM the same day. It takes 2 hours or less (round trip dock to dock) to harvest, depending on the harvest quantity. Our York River Oysters are deep cupped, moderately salty with a sweet buttery finish and have a uniform size and shape. York River Oysters are the perfect mix of salt that satisfies the salt lovers palate while allowing the consumer to actually taste the oyster. Half of our York River Oysters are sold to local Williamsburg Restaurants while the remainder are sold nation wide by way of a local distributor.

We also ship oysters to individuals via USP. Oysters are harvested in the AM and shipped in the PM. They are shipped in insulated boxes with frozen gel packs. We generally do not ship via UPS in the summer months unless the customer wants to pay for a next day air shipment or if the shipment can be delivered using next day UPS ground service. Please contact us for orders or more details at [email protected]

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