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Smith River Artisan Trail Agri-Artisan Related Businesses Featured in Bon Appétit Appalachia

Bon Appétit Appalachia Highlights Local Food, Farms and Flavor on the Smith River Artisan Trail


Contact:Jennifer Doss,Director of Tourism, Martinsville-Henry County Economic Development Corporation

276.403.5949 or 276.226.6940,[email protected]

Local Businesses Featured in National Publication

Bon Appétit Appalachia Highlights Local Food, Farms and Flavor

Martinsville, VA (October 5, 2016) – The popularity of culinary tourism has grown significantly in recent years as travelers seek out unique experiences that involve fresh foods, farm-to-fork dining, vineyards and craft breweries.

To aid visitors in finding these experiences, the Appalachian Regional Commission (ARC) created “Bon Appétit Appalachia.” The campaign features a map guide detailing more than 160 foodie highlights from Mississippi to New York and a companion website.

The ARC also partnered with Edible Magazine to promote the campaign throughout the year. The magazine is featuring culinary stories from throughout the ARC region in each issue.

In Virginia, 16 businesses were selected for the map guide and two of those are found in Martinsville. Rising Sun Breads, owned by Darla
Main-Schneider, and 3rd Bay, owned by Yvonne Givens, are both listed in the brochure as farm-to-fork restaurants.

The companion website,, includes those two businesses in addition to Dippers Ice Cream, owned by Tracy Cox, andthe Uptown Farmers’ Market, operated by the Martinsville Uptown Revitalization Association.

According to Jennifer Doss, Director of Tourism with the Martinsville-Henry County Economic Development Corporation, “having four businesses listed in this national publication is a great honor for MHC and helps to promote the growth of agri-artisan-based businesses in the area.” She noted that three of the four local businesses are also members of the Smith River Artisan Trail.

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