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When Focus Counts

?As regional photographers and artists, we use our travels to enhance our local images with fresh eyes. We have spent a couple decades capturing the region in paintings and photos. Give us a call and we’ll share everything we know about what not to miss in this amazing place we live!

The right images. The right moments.

Welcome to Focus By Henderson, a celebration of all things travel, tourism and exploring. As a pair of veterans and lifelong travelers (140 countries and counting!), we are often asked about places and people and our experiences. We document the places and people we meet with professional photography and journals. Often we travel with chefs to capture the culinary essence of our locations. Our next adventure is always in the planning stage, so feel free to join us.

The cultures of the world need to be shared – including right here at home. We firmly believe travel informs, educates and uplifts us through the stories and photography of the people we meet and first hand learning of interactions with our environment, regardless of local economic conditions. Our images, Stories of the Road and itineraries have been published and appreciated around the world.

We are photographers and fine artists with a constantly changing portfolio fed by our travels. We love to share our experiences through these mediums and welcome meetups and opportunities to learn from our friends and customers.

Sue Henderson

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