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Artisans Center of Virginia, Lis Zadravec

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Lis Zadravec’s extraordinary and inspirational award-winning artwork, created primarily in colored pencil, expresses poignant human expression. Her subjects reveal themselves with their vulnerabilities and their strengths. The artist’s innate skills are combined with superb detail and composition, masterful treatment of facial features and hands, a myriad of textures, and articulated light and shadow. Her style is reminiscent of the masterful illustrations and paintings of generations past. She demonstrates an uncanny ability to master her medium.

Lis Zadravec specializes in narrative portraits in colored pencil. Her award-winning work is internationally recognized. Come see what colored pencil can do and buy a print or original from her studio. She also teaches children and teens from her home. Visit her studio or the Upstairs Studio and classroom. Drop-in classes are available for $15.50 for children and teens 5-18yrs.. Check the schedule on her

Her standards of excellence have been confirmed by many curators and jurors. She has received many top awards and has received publicity in many different publications. Always drawn to portraiture, Zadravec’s first expertise was in using oils. She has since then perfected a method using colored pencils that is more like the Maroger oil painting technique she was trained in. The greatest compliment to her is when her work is interpreted as painting. The pure pigment in the wax/oil-based stick of colored pencil is just the vehicle with which you apply it to a surface. Her work is many layers deep. She explains, “Like adding glazes in oil, layers of color are applied with heavy pressure.” She achieves a stunning painting-like surface, as a result of her detailed and lengthy process, which has been compared to the meditative work of iconographers. In fact, she has devoted herself to creating colored pencil art that will stand next to any oil portrait. Lis Zadravec explains, “The years spent waiting for the world to grasp onto my passion for my media, have been time refining a skill and finding a voice. A voice that gets stronger with each piece.” She continues, “Every picture is a story. Like a writer creating a character, I work in narratives that press further into my subject than mere likeness.”

Lis Zadravec

Member of Trail Networks:
Loudoun County Artisan Trail, site # 33


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Wednesdays 1-6pm, Saturdays 10am-1pm and by appointment

162 South Fox Road
Sterling, VA 20164