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 Warmglass Designs, Jennifer Webb

Kilnformed Glass

Rappahannock Trail Second Saturdays I will have a fused glass Suncatcher workshop at my gallery space at Ginger Hill Antiques (Now Hazel River Arts and Antiques)11-2pm

$20.00 each, $5.00 extra for shipping. All Materials provided. See Calendar of events to see if I’m on the list

Component combinations and patterns in glass?

Ive been fusing for about 15 years.

My current work is making Murini with a vitrigraph kiln which is a departure from the traditional hot glass method. After pulling canes of glass from a kiln suspended above me, I will nip the canes into about 3/8 inch sections and arrange to fire again flat. Some pieces become pendants and some go on to further firings and become vases or plates.

Another avenue I am exploring is volume displacement. This can be seen currently with my ‘Coral’ bowls and vases

Newest is my ‘Fern Fossils’ with real ferns from my yard I can coat them with glass powder and fire as elements in all sorts of applications.

New series can be seen at the River District Artists gallery at Ginger Hill Antiques (Now Hazel River Arts and Antiques)

Jennifer Webb

Member of Trail Networks:
Rappahannock County Artisan Trail, site # 109




10 am to 6 pm daily Note: the building that was Ginger Hill Antiques, has new owner Anne Williams of Mountain Physical Therapy and will now be called HAZEL RIVER ARTS AND ANTIQUES

12625 Lee Hwy
Washington, VA 22747