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Artisans Center of Virginia

 Center Ring Design Pottery & Art Studio


?Creating art and artisan pieces is our family’s passion. Each of us has our specialty, but there are also times of crossover. This makes our little “three ring circus” an interesting place to visit.

Diane is the potter in the family and runs the business. Her work is functional hand thrown pieces that take you from prep to table. There are also some pieces that are still functional but lend themselves to decoration. As a lover of gardens and feathered friends, she has develop feeders and baths and outside ornaments for the yard. Diane has always received high praises for her glazes that she uses. Her new line is Country White Wash which gives you the impression of brushed glaze so the clay still shows through. There are always traditional style glazes of any assortment of colors on the shelves too. Seasonal items change out through the year. Diane has kept her throwing wheel in the shop so you may see her at work when you stop in.

Russ is the fine art artist in the family. Although his day job is in technology, his nights and weekends are spent at the easel if not working on some house project. Frequently taking images from archives, he creates a different world for those who have long left this realm. His words describe it best - “I find beauty in the absurd, lost, odd and strange and tries to communicate what that feels like through his art so that others might see it too.” Russ has also been doing sculpture work in a similar fashion when time allows.

Liam is an up and coming artist focusing on those things that go bump in the night and the heroes that save you. Inspired by Ben Templesmith, Jae Lee, Adam Hughs, and Eric Cherry, Liam has developed his own style of the graphic novel/comic book realm. His characters are his own - he likes to joke that when confronted with the monsters in his closest, rather than run, he asks them to pose. He begins his work with sketches, then drawings and inking. This is then scanned and the final work is done on the computer. He produces prints on a variety of media. Liam is also a writer and working to publish his first comic.

We hope you will stop in to visit us. Our shop is just opening but will continue to grow as we expand. We are also opening an on-line store that will allow you to purchase on line, and if local pick up so you do not incur any shipping fees.

Our shop is located in the rear of our house. A pathway will guide you to the entrance from the driveway. Unfortunately, we are not wheelchair accessible due to stairs.

Diane Harrison

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By chance (usually 11-5 most days) Call 540-686-5571 to see if we are open

325 S Church St
Berryville, VA 22611