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 Colonial Folk Art Studio & Gallery

Art to Buy. Lessons to Learn. Studio to Create

Colonial Folk art Studio & Gallery a place to buy distinctive local and regional art, to take classes to learn how to explore your own creativity, and to work in our open studio.

We predominately carry works by local outsider artists in many media. Most of the ceramics and mixed media pieces are made in the studio by our artist-in-residence, Beverly Burgdorf. Additionally, we carry contemporary and classic works of folk and outsider art, including pieces by Mose T, Purvis Young, the Rev. R.A. Miller, the Rev. Howard Finster, Benny Carter, Mama Girl, Tom Blunt, and Ernest Lee. Many pieces, especially the rock and ceramic works, are functional.

Of course, we are more than just a gallery. We also teach classes in hand-building ceramics and mixed media as well as beginner-level potter’s wheel lessons. Our 2-hour classes are very popular ways to get acquainted with a new media – or even pick up a few new techniques – without being tied to weeks of classes. If you like the media and find it fun, we have in depth classes to learn more.

Our classes are also very popular with visitors as a fun way to take a break from touring and be creative all at the same time. We occasionally offer youth-specific classes, too.

Our open studio is a place for artists of all skill levels to rent time and make a mess in our place instead of theirs – a unique offering in Williamsburg. With most of the tools-of-the-trade available in the studio, including kilns, potter’s wheels, slab roller, extruder, easels, and space, artists of many levels can work on their own while having our experienced artist-in-residence in the studio to assist when questions and issues arise.

Another unique service we offer is book binding and conservation. From binding playbills to restoring 200-year-old family Bibles, we cover many areas of binding art. We also frequently hold the free class “Saving Grandma’s Bible” as a community service to teach about how to care for antiquated books, especially focusing on what to do and not to do.

We also have a collection of antiquated books, maps and engravings from 100 to 400 years old for sale.

Professional Distinction: Demonstrations, Exhibition, Instruction, Wholesale Production

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Tuesday 10am-5pm Wednesday Thursday 10am-5pm

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110 Bacon Avenue
Williamsburg, VA, VA 23185