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Artisans Center of Virginia

 Daryll Sneden

Combining old and familiar weaving drafts into nontraditional patterns

Artisans Center of Virginia Juried Artisan

I draw upon my career experience in computer technology to create complex cloth on a multishaft computer assisted loom. I combine old and familiar weaving drafts into nontraditional patterns, and then further manipulate the patterns by mirroring, echoing, and networking to create new and unique structures.

Adding color to these structures allows me to either achieve subtle nuances in the fabrics, or to generate bold geometric statements, creating beauty from merely structure.

Computer technology allows me to explore hundreds of potential structures, and to manipulate these structures into a multitude of new variations before choosing those which will weave into the most harmonious, yet tantalizing, cloth.

Daryll Sneden

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[email protected]

1570 Horsepen Hills Rd.
Maidens, VA 23102

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