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Artisans Center of Virginia

 Joe Collins Sculptures

Creator of realistic images in bronze.

Artisans Center of Virginia Juried Artisan

I find great satisfaction in capturing in bronze, the fluid and graceful motion of a galloping horse, or the drama or the nobility of an American Indian reacting to a life situation, perhaps beyond his/her control. I endeavor to depict the character and strong personalities of real people in real situations. And what could be more elegant than a wild mustang gliding over the open plains, unencumbered and free?

My goal in creating my art is to bring pleasure, concern or thoughtful contemplation about the subject of each piece of art. Ideally, the art will stir something in the soul that transcends everyday lifeā€”that transports the viewer to another time, another place. After all, the soul needs nurtured as well as the body.

Professional Distinction: Consignment/Retail, Demonstrations, Exhibition

Joe Collins

Member of Trail Networks:
Bedford Artisan Trail, site # 8





By appointment

1177 Oslin Creek Rd.
Goode, VA 24556

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