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 Living Sky Foundation | Sperryville Artist Cooperative

For the Kids and the Community

Creative, Expressive, Local

Living Sky Foundation presents the Sperryville ARTist Cooperative

Embracing the Spirit through Self Expression and Hands on Learning

Living Sky Foundation is an educational, non-profit 501(c)(3) organization in support of the Living Arts. Through creative approach we Educate, Motivate, and Inspire Individuals to achieve optimum well~being and a purposeful existence through a conscious re-connect with nature.

Artist Services
Educational Organization
Environmental Conservation

Founded in 2006 as a grassroots organization in Rappahannock County, Living Sky Foundation is committed to building a culturally diverse foundation to improve the quality of rural existence through social change and public outreach, and support continuous learning and youth leadership. A focus on self-expression, healing arts, mindfulness, and positive values are emphasized through creative and cultural enrichment programs available to participants regardless of age, or status levels.

Artistic Director and Founder, Cherl Crews ~ better known as Living Sky in the artist community has combined her talents to introduce inspirational lesson plans, music and art enrichment programs and curriculum development designed to enhance the quality of life, health and well being.

Living Sky Foundation Presents the SPERRYVILLE ARTIST COOPERATIVE in the Sperryville’s River District ~ A music and art showcase for new, emerging and independent talent. “We assist artists, musicians, dancers, poets, actors, gardeners and craftsman in the process of establishing their creative expression so they may freely support themselves as they boldly go towards direction of their dreams. Not that there is anything wrong with the starving artist lifestyle, we know that inspiration is feed by circumstance, but our motto is ENJOY THIS LIFETIME.” The ARTist Cooperative is now home to a group of aspiring and brilliant artists who have found a center where they can exhibit and share their talents. Sperryville ARTist Cooperative supports experimental, innovative and un-censored art that stretches the boundaries of what is considered traditional, judged or status quo in the “art world”.

2017 Resident Artists: Frederick Kahler, Adam Disbrow, Nol Putnam, Jane Forth, Marilyn Hayes, Monica Newell, Matt E Hayes, Cy Parker, Tessa Crews, Arlen Sherwood.

Services include: Artist Representation, Youth Presentations, Available Studio /Project Space, Community Art Projects, Fine Art, Hand-Crafts, Learning tools, Jewelry and Unique Gift items.

View the commemorative “Earth Allegiance” mural located #44 on your Trial Map at Rappahannock Central in Sperryville’s River District.

Professional Distinction: Demonstrations, Exhibition, Instruction

Cherl Crews

Member of Trail Networks:
Rappahannock County Artisan Trail, site # 44




Open to the Public Weekends 11am - 5 pm or by appointment

Extended Days/Hours during Summer and Fall Season

Call ahead 540-987-9288

3 River Lane, Studio 1A in the River District
Sperryville, VA 22740