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 Mann Made Designs

I like to throw simple, classical forms to use as a vehicle for my busy surfaces.

Artisans Center of Virginia Juried Artisan

“I never considered myself particularly gifted as an artist. When I say “gifted,” I mean to differentiate that concept from “skilled.” That is, I have never felt like I was born into this world knowing how to create in clay; I just loved the feel of the medium and continued to work at it until I developed some level of competency. Even those of us who don’t consider ourselves “gifted” artists can enjoy the process of creation and gain an even greater respect for those who are truly graced with such a natural endowment. I worked exclusively in Raku for 15 years. I adored the involvement in the firing process, and the excitement in the uncertain results. Now, I am more interested in low-fired painterly surfaces. The process is much easier on the lungs and, hopefully, the environment. I like to throw simple, classical forms to use as a vehicle for my busy surfaces. My designs stem mainly from doodles with playful brushstrokes and sometimes my background in Botany will sneak in. For the most part, I paint on greenware and once-fire, which saves energy. Each piece is produced with a loving reverence for the creative process. My work does not attempt to make a social statement or to stretch the boundaries of what we think of as art; art isn’t required to search for the meaning of the cosmos. My pieces are intended purely for the amusement of the visual sense, not necessarily for the intellect. Beauty gives our souls a little refreshment so we can get on with the more mundane tasks of life.

Barbara Mann

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234 S. Blake Road
Norfolk, VA 23505

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