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Artisans Center of Virginia

 Maurice Spector

Sculptor and Painter on the Eastern Shore of Virginia

Artisans Center of Virginia Juried Artisan

I didn’t come to accept myself as an artist until I was out of my 30’s. I had been doing a lot of three dimensional pieces, carvings, mostly out of found woods and people liked them. But, I was doing other jobs as well, and then things began to shift towards a more structured day when I pretty much woke up thinking aobut a drawing I’d want to do, or a piece of wood I’d like to work with and then went about the business of creating something.

There is no particular methodology to what I do, but I suppose it is a process, born out of my observations. The drawings often come from early morning dreams. I will experiement with different drawing tools - ink and pens and crayons—and many kinds of papers to bring about a texture I’m looking for before I start an actual drawing, but otherwise I don’t do a lot of sketching beforehand. I will allow certain unexpected things to happen, but mostly I have the piece laid out in my head. I don’t set out to make a statement through my art although my drawings sometimes have a narrative quality about them.

With the sculptures and constructions, I have to live with the wood for a while before I approach it and I usually do quite a few preliminary drawings for these before I actually begin to work. Many times people will bring me a tree which has fallen during a storm. It will have a definite personality and will either speak to me, or it won’t interest me much at all. Color has some importance, but its the exploration of texture and shape that is the prime motivation for everything I do.

Professional Distinction: Commission/Custom Work, Consignment/Retail, Exhibition

Maurice Spector

Member of Trail Networks:
Virginia’s Eastern Shore Artisan Trail, site # 20

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29279 Harborton Road (The Sycamores)
Pungoteague, VA 23422