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 Morris Design

I create jewelry pieces for the everyday person like me.

Artisans Center of Virginia Juried Artisan

I grew up on the beaches of the eastern coasts from Newport, Rhode Island to Florida and have a strong connection with the Atlantic Ocean landscape. In my work as a jewelry designer, I take inspiration from the ever-changing forms and colors in the sky, sand and surf, and in the birds and plants that are able to thrive in this somewhat hostile environment.

As a designer, my first thoughts are always of color. Every color evokes its own feeling, and every ray of light magnifies, or changes, that feeling. The emotion of each color suggests to me the line, form and texture elements needed to make the design work.

I want to create pieces for the everyday person like me. I want them to be striking, colorful, and beautiful, but most of all I want them to look and feel like they were made for the real woman – the one we work with – the one we live next door to – the one we grew up with - ourselves. My designs express who I am.

The materials that I use include my own clay pieces made from porcelain or stoneware and finished in a variety of glazes, from under glaze with clear glaze to Raku. All wire is either sterling silver or gold-filled, and the findings are sterling silver, Turkish, Thai, and Bali silver, pewter, and Vermeil. Beads include freshwater pearls, shells, glass, semi-precious stones, and wood. I often use vintage glass or beads in my designs.

Professional Distinction: Commission/Custom Work, Consignment/Retail, Exhibition

Patricia Morris

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[email protected]


510 Henry Clay Rd
Ashland, VA, VA 23005

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