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Artisans Center of Virginia

 Oak Crest Artisan Gift Shop

Oak Crest Artisan Gift Shop and Oak Crest Winery

Oak Crest Artisan Gift Shop and Oak Crest Winery are synonymous with fine, handmade art and craft treasures and fine hand crafted wines all under the same roof. You will find a perfect blend that pleases the eye as well as the pallet.

To please the eye we provide a venue for two, Artisans Center of Virginia, Juried Artists and a growing number of talented local Artisans to display and sell their works in pottery, stained glass, carved glass, carved song birds, intrasia, art on gourds, and jewelry. Here you are sure to find that gift for a friend or a special treat for yourself.

On select weekends throughout the year, one or more of our Artisans will be at Oak Crest to explain and demonstrate their craft so that you can meet them in person.
To please the pallet, try a tasting of Oak Crest’s Artisan wines. If you wish, you may purchase a glass of your choice to enjoy as you browse the Gift Shop.

For a great day outing, gather some friends, a picnic if you like, and come enjoy all that Oak Crest has to offer. We have a front deck, rear sunken patio and tables inside and out for our visitors. Wine, cheese, summer sausage and crackers are sold if you would like to just sit and relax awhile.

Professional Distinction: Demonstrations, Exhibition

Dorothy Brandts

Member of Trail Networks:
Northern Neck Artisan Trail, site # 42
Virginia Oyster Trail, site #




8215 Oak Crest Dr
King George, VA 24485