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 Old Rag Photography, E. Raymond Boc

Local photography and visions from around the region

Old Rag Gallery

Four of Rappahannock’s finest photographers belong to this six-year old co-operative gallery.
The individual members find inspiration locally in the environment and culture of Rappahannock County, and globally in their varied travels. Joyce Harman, Ray Boc, Bette Hileman and Francie Schroeder each comes from a different background, complex of experiences and present day situation. They come together with a shared value for a high standard of quality for their photography.

Old Rag Gallery group also exhibits in two Artisan Trail locations Glassworks Gallery and Griffin Tavern.

More about the group and interesting links related to photography can be found on Facebook under Old Rag Photograph.

Individual web pages: Joyce Harman:

Bette Hileman:

Francie Schroeder:

Professional Distinction: Exhibition, Instruction

E. Raymond Boc

Member of Trail Networks:
Rappahannock County Artisan Trail, site # 46




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