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Artisans Center of Virginia

 Red Dog Decoys, Mark Belknap

As a wildlife biologist, science informs my wildfowl carvings. As a lifelong Eastern Shoreman, migratory birds inform my art.

Artisans Center of Virginia Juried Artisan

Growing up on the waters of the Chesapeake Bay, I don’t remember a time when my senses weren’t completely captivated by the wildlife that’s an integral part of the Eastern Shore way of life.

Sketching, painting and carving that I began as a child followed me to college where I earned degrees in Wildlife and Forestry. It appears that the brackish water of the Chesapeake has nurtured and directed both my love of nature and the art it inspires. To see a shorebird, duck or goose emerge from a piece of wood that originated as a sketch in my elementary school years satisfies me at a deep level.

It’s also satisfying to know that when a new owner takes a piece of my work home with them, they are valuing and preserving the authenticity of place and traditional heritage that’s so intertwined with the Eastern Shore.

Professional Distinction: Commission/Custom Work, Consignment/Retail, Demonstrations, Exhibition, Instruction

Mark Belknap

Member of Trail Networks:
Virginia’s Eastern Shore Artisan Trail, site # 25





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