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 Sanctuary on the Trail, Rene’ Locklear White (Feather)

Featuring Native American Indian Culture and Arts

Native American Indian “Spirit-Filled Art in Nature” hosted by Sanctuary on the Trail™ and Lumbee artist René Locklear White, Lt. Col. USAF (Retired)

René is a Lumbee Native American Indian artist and a retired military veteran.

The impact of supporting Native American Indian arts and culture cannot be over-stressed. According to multiple reports, “a staggering 87 percent of references to American Indians in all 50 states’ academic standards portray them in a pre-1900 context.” That means students are graduating from high school without even basic knowledge of contemporary Native challenges or culture.

Sanctuary on the Trail™ provides Native American Indian resources and support to teachers who make such a great difference to the children they teach.

René’s favorite personal art activity is carving, burning and dying dry gourds. Most of her time is spent being an “event artist” helping other artists pursue their passions. René also teaches art therapy at senior living centers and youth camps. She leads an artist support group of 100+ members with an “Art in Nature Art Guild” on Facebook. René says she walks in faith and is led by Spirit.

René is president and co-founder of the non-profit Sanctuary on the Trail™ - “helping leaders first” and “bringing recognition to the contributions that the Indigenous of the Americas have made to the globe” thereby “reducing suffering in the world.” More than 70+ amazing volunteers help René bring educational cultural activities and events into the region.

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Your actions to support Native American Indian artists like René can help preserve a heritage valuable to all.

Rene' Locklear White (Feather)

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