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Artisans Center of Virginia

 Strike Daekins Designs, Meaghan Fuller

Historically inspired fantasy wear, and exquisite wedding designs

Stirke Daekins Designs is a small artisan business, owned and run by one woman, Meaghan Fuller, since 2006.
The business stays very busy, designing items for many Renaissance Faires, Celtic Festivals, and weddings.

The studio is located on Red Oak Mountain Road, in the rear of Meaghan and her husband’s home.
Meaghan also has a permanent booth at the Virginia Renaissance Festaval near Lake Anna, VA, as well as a traveling booth at many other Faires.

For more info and many more photos, please Like and Visit Strike Daekins on Facebook and Instagram for the most up to date news on our next event and current works.

Professional Distinction: Commission/Custom Work, Exhibition

Meaghan Fuller

Member of Trail Networks:
Rappahannock County Artisan Trail, site # 36





By Appointment

1 Red Oak Mountain Road
Woodville, VA 22749