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Artisans Center of Virginia

 Studio 12 - Sarah EK Muse

Sculptural Metalwork for the Body, the Home, the Garden, the Office and Public Spaces.

Artisans Center of Virginia Juried Artisan

Artist Statement

As a metalsmith, I integrate compositions of dissected imagery from plant life, the human form and natural surroundings into my designs. These images emerge from the metal through line, form, repeated elements, texture and color to create hand-formed sculptural pieces. Bridging together my background in jewelry and sculpture, I work with non-ferrous metals which I manipulate by using the processes of casting, chasing, sinking, raising, and shell-forming. Using the flame of the torch, chemical solutions and/or colored pencil I intensify the depth of color while the texture, polish or wax finish interplay with the light and shadow of each piece to achieve my desired outcome. While I sketch, hammer, chase and form, I experiment with the plasticity of the metal and explore recognizable elements that can evolve abstractly into a finished piece. The viewer may then envision the familiar or the unexpected within my work.

About Studio 12

Accessories Exclusively Designed to Adorn Your Body and Home
One-of-a-Kind & Limited Edition Jewelry
One-of-a-Kind Hand Formed Vessels, Sculpture & Relief

In 2009, after moving to a mountainside homestead in Roanoke County with her family, Sarah Muse renovated a two-stall barn to be her new metals studio. After a ‘homesteading reality’ sabbatical, creating a few commission pieces along the way, Sarah re-inaugurated Studio 12 in November, 2015.
Since then, Sarah has been producing new works with individual & corporate clients, contractors, galleries and designers. She has been hosting workshops, teaching metalsmithing classes and re-invigorating her creative spirit.

If you are looking for the Perfect Statement Piece for your body, home, business, or gift for a loved one, contact Studio 12 to make an appointment for a consultation. Join Sarah in her studio to collaboratively design an original piece of jewelry, balancing creativity and style… or she will visit you on-site to create original hand-hammered in-relief wall tiles, vessels or sculptures to fit your space and accentuate your design sensibility.

Professional Distinction: Commission/Custom Work, Consignment/Retail, Demonstrations, Exhibition, Instruction, Public Art/Installations

Sarah EK Muse

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