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 Town of Wachapreague Seaside Park Native Plant Garden

Wachapreague Seaside Park - Eastern Shore of Virginia Native Plant Garden

The 1.5 acre Wachapreague Seaside Park was acquired by the Town of Wachapreague from the Nature Conservancy in July 2009. The park sits at the edge of the Atlantic coastal marsh in the heart of the town and affords an ideal location to demonstrate the beauty, ecological benefits and economic advantages of using Eastern Shore native plants.

To promote the use of native plants, a 12,500 square foot “Plant ES Natives Demonstration Garden” was constructed in the southwest corner of the Wachapreague Seaside Park. The Plant ES Natives campaign promotes the benefits and encourages the use of native plants. The garden is designed to be interactive with a walking path and places to sit and experience the beauty of native plants and the habitat they provide. Interpretive signage at the site emphasizes native plant benefits. Native plants used in the demonstration garden were selected from the Native Plants of Accomack and Northampton guide produced through the Plant ES Natives campaign with an emphasis on selecting a diverse and thorough collection of Eastern Shore native plants that are especially tolerant of inundation from flooding sea water. The Wachapreague garden has been flooded twice since it was established, this proves, without a doubt, the reslience of native plants.

Aileen Joeckel

Member of Trail Networks:
Virginia’s Eastern Shore Artisan Trail, site # 114




OPEN - year round

This is a self guided experience.

4 Main ST
Wachepreague, VA 23480