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 Treasure Tree Wire Wrapped Jewelry, Bob and Mary McIntire

"Earths Treasure's Transformed"

Artisans Center of Virginia Juried Artisan

We are Mary & Bob McIntire of Treasure Tree Wire Wrapped Jewelry. We are the creators of our wire wrapped jewelry for the past 18+ years and continue to enjoy what we do adding to it every year.

Our motivation is to educate people not only about our jewelry but also the gem stones and minerals that exit all around us. For the first years we were not cutting and polishing our own stones or anyone’s stones. We moved from Chesterfield, VA to the Blue Ridge/Shenandoah Mountains in 2008. We have had so many people asking and inspiring us to cut and polish what rocks/stones they had along with educating us on what they had. This has opened up a whole new dimension of what we were doing with our business. It has inspired us to go to William Holland School of Lapidary Arts there we’ave learned more about the art which we both enjoy. We have also joined several gem and mineral clubs here and around the country.

We actually find the stones or are lead to them by members of the gem and mineral clubs we belong to. We cut the piece of rough stone into slices of about 1/4 in. , then trace a template and cut them further with the same diamond blade saw, to get the shape closer . We grind the stone with diamond embedded wheels ever finer until we have formed a polish cabochon. From a cabochon we form a picture frame around it with 14kgf or sterling silver wire and fashion it into our wearable pieces of art. All wire is hand twisted bent and formed to fit the individual piece with no solder or glue involved. (Please see Shenandoah Living Magazine Video)

We work with things we have and other things from rocks from a particular place and other things from glass, pottery,some ladies husband’s ashes, bone, bullets,slag, and other things people bring us. We make pieces that create memories of special people, occasions, or places. A life time “One of a Kind” keepsake.

Professional Distinction: Commission/Custom Work, Consignment/Retail, Demonstrations

Bob and Mary McIntire

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Stuarts Draft, VA 24477