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At the Artisans Center of Virginia…

... we believe in the power of Virginia’s Creative-Craft and Agricultural Artisans as they transform their amazing talents into viable businesses that inspire, cultivate, teach, mentor and build community.

Our popular Virginia Artisan and Oyster Trail programs provide entrepreneur opportunities to local businesses and exalt their enriching experiences, connecting patrons, students and visitors all across the Commonwealth.

Your gift to support ACV will make a lasting cultural and economic impact across the state in the year ahead. Make your year-end contribution to the Artisans Center of Virginia before Dec 31.

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We look forward to another incredible year supporting and celebrating Virginia’s Creative and Agricultural Artisans!


Do you remember the first time you held Play-Doh… or served a mud pie to your best friend?

Do you remember the Feel? The Smell? The Taste? (yes, you know who you are.) That special Glow from creating something appreciated by others?

Whether you squeezed it through your fingers, rolled it into a snake or flattened it into a pancake, you created something new, you created something that didn’t exist a moment ago.

It stimulated your senses, your purpose and in that precious moment, potential was awakened and you became an artisan!

Many will be inspired to continue on this artisan path, developing their skills with the ultimate goal of “making a living” yet so often they find themselves struggling with the entrepreneurial steps necessary for success.

This inspired path is why the Artisans Center of Virginia (ACV) is firmly dedicated to helping Virginia’s creative and agricultural artisans grow and ‘Shape a New Future’ in today’s economy.

Not only are our Virginia Artisans honing their talents and technical skills to create amazing tangible, functional and edible products, with ACV’s entrepreneurial assistance they are learning to successfully network and transform their talents into viable businesses.

They are becoming connectors and economic drivers in their communities with ACV helping them voice their unique stories and implement collaborative programs that provide unforgettable cultural experiences to visitors who seek to explore their farms, studios, and storefronts.

Please join in helping ACV carry on its mission!

For ACV to stay the course, elevating and providing essential service to Virginia’s artisans and continue establishing connective artisan communities through our Virginia Oyster and Artisan Trail programs, we need your financial assistance.

As with Play-Doh and mud pies, you can help shape Virginia’s artisan renaissance and expand its economic landscape across the Commonwealth and beyond. Join us in ending the ‘starving artist’ stigma, and help us continue to implement efficient systems, strategies and networks for viable artisan entrepreneurial growth in your community.

Your gift of just $25 to ACV will support applicable resources and outreach for current and future generations of Virginia artisan entrepreneurs.

Give the gift that grows your Virginia artisan community.

“Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.” -Henry Ford

Thank you for your support!


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VA Artisans
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Or call: 540-886-1684

ACV is “Handcrafting Virginia’s Cultural Economy” as it establishes Virginia as the nation’s destination for distinctive, handcrafted goods.


All gifts are tax-deductible.

The Artisans Center of Virginia is a non-profit, tax exempt organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

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