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We believe craft and agricultural Artisans are vital to Virginia’s cultural and economic future.

Together with your support we will:

Cultivate Quality Craftsmanship and Grow Small Businesses

Your generosity provides the tools, education, and resources for current and future generations of Virginia artisans creating and aspiring to create quality hand-made products. ACV’s Educational Outreach program offers opportunities that are often not available in schools system due to lack of funding. Nurture the creative spirit of hundreds of Virginia youth aspiring to be artisans, seeding endless possibilities for appreciation and potential entrepreneurship as they explore future pathways to success.

“Helping Businesses Help Themselves” is a core value of Artisans Center of Virginia programming. Your gift will support the incubation and development of innovative entrepreneur efforts via ACV’s new entrepreneur framework, “Transforming Healthy, Responsively Involved, Viable Entrepreneurs (THRIVE).” THRIVE will identify sustainable business growth strategies for entrepreneurs. Workshops, one-to-one advisor services and regional supply chain analysis not only provide justification for economic strategy, combined they will drive the development and implementation supportive community strategies. Business certification, digital visibility, Open Door Tours, cross-marketing, exhibitions and networking are available key components.

Your gift will fuel excellence in artisanry while ensuring the legacy of hand-crafting skills are preserved and valued. ACV’s Juried and Master Artisan certification is the standard for exceptional craftsmanship and entrepreneurship in Virginia. Craft Artisans who meet the defined standards and peer review are elevating their businesses, talent and stories through the trusted Artisans Center of Virginia seal. ACV Juried Artisans are paving the way for the next generation of creative artisans while maintaining a rich heritage and relevancy on today’s cultural landscape.

Provide exhibition, education, marketing, visibility and networking opportunities to strengthen Virginia’s artisan community and increase public appreciation and awareness of handcrafted products.

Promote Handcrafted Artisan Adventures

Who doesn’t love a good adventure? Your gift will sustain ACV’s statewide flagship programing – the celebrated Virginia Artisan Trail Network and the award-winning Virginia Oyster Trail – “visitor-directed” programs that engage visitors to embark on a “journey of discovery,” to patron creative & agricultural artisans, art-related venues, restaurants, lodging and cultural points of interest found in Virginia’s trail regions, across the Commonwealth.

Connect more community businesses through collaboration to grow in hands-on ways, building lasting working relationships as they expand their audience.

Maintain a Current Technological and Visible Edge

Your gift will help us maintain the mobile responsive online portals, maps and print that invite visitors in real-time, online, all the time to “Take Home A Piece of Virginia: An experience, a memory, a skill” – meet the artisans, hear their stories and experience Virginia in profound, hands‐on ways.

Ensure the Artisans Center of Virginia stays on a deliberate growth path, coordinating efforts to leverage Virginia’s artisan talent into a recognized and established industry that is connected, branded, promoted and celebrated.

Continue making an impact, as indicated in the August 2016 released Statewide Artisan Economic Impact Study, noting nearly 12,000 full-time jobs were supported by artisan visitor spending. Artisan visitor spending on average was $260 per person, per trip. One out of seven Virginia visitors plan their trips around Artisan Trails. Artisan Trail locations accounted for 59% of sales in 2014. Virginia visitors love artisan products and experiences because they are authentic, unique, and local. Many Virginia artisans work independently, operating their own studios and selling their products through local vendors. These artisans contribute to their local economy and elevate the Virginia tourism experience with their level of craftsmanship and knowledge.

You Can Help Us Forge the Future for Virginia Artisans

Now, more than ever, supporting initiatives statewide that elevate artisan enterprises is critical to sustaining the authentic work, cultural and economic contributions that these entrepreneurs make daily as they uniquely contribute to the vitality and character of Virginia communities.

Join with us in the spirit of collaboration as we strive to meet the growth demands before us, keep program fees low, and raise the bar of awareness integrating the value, delight and importance and of “handcrafted” in Virginia.


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Send a check payable to Artisans Center of Virginia to:


VA Artisans
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Or call: 540-886-1684

ACV is “Handcrafting Virginia’s Cultural Economy” as it establishes Virginia as the nation’s destination for distinctive, handcrafted goods.


All gifts are tax-deductible.

The Artisans Center of Virginia is a non-profit, tax exempt organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

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Tribute Gifts of all kinds may be made in honor of a family member or loved one. We welcome the opportunity to create a tribute that reflects the honoree’s passion for Virginia’s Artisan Culture. Questions: Contact Connie Weyrick: 540-886-1684


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