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Membership Types & Benefits

The Artisans Center of Virginia develops and implements systems and strategies to improve economic outcomes for Virginia artisans and their communities while assisting them in promoting their local artisan culture.

We believe creative and agricultural artisans are vital to Virginia’s cultural and economic future.

ACV Membership is open to anyone who supports ACV’s mission.

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(Does not include Artisan Trail Network and/or Virginia Oyster Trail participation fees)

• Creative Artisan (3D-Craft Artisans, 2D-Fine Artists) - $65 per year

Creative Artisans are individual artists of Craft (3-D, roots in functionality) and/or Fine Art (2-D, to include photography) who create works without the use of kits or commercial models, and whose primary components are not manufactured. ACV juried status is not required. When additionally enrolling on a trail, creative artist/artisan’s studio may features 5 or fewer artists (including the applying individual owner of the studio). If more than 5 artists are featured, the individual must apply as an “affiliate/art-related venue”.

• Agri-Artisan (Agricultural Artisans a.k.a. Aqua & Agro Businesses) - $65 per year

An Agri-Artisan is an agricultural-based Virginia agri-tourism business or farm that relies on natural resources of the land, such as family farms, vineyards, wineries, breweries, orchards, organic farming, roadside stands, petting zoo, corn maize, aqua-culture and watermen businesses etc. Such enterprises produce food, fiber, unique crops or livestock, add value to traditional agricultural products, or offer recreational, education, nature or other farm (land/water) based activities, such as markets & roadside stands. ACV Agri-Artisans may elect to participate in the Artisan Trail Network.

• Supporting Trail Site - $75 per year

A Supporting Trail Site is a locally owned business or site that supports the ACV Artisan Trail Network program through sponsorship and offer visitors places to eat, sleep or unique places to visit, including but not limited to locally owned lodging such as bed and breakfasts, restaurants, and cultural points of interest, recreational activities, including festivals and fairs.

• “Next Generation” Artisan - $20 per year

Student Creative or Agri-Artisan membership (Applicable for maximum of 2 years for “next generation” creative &/or agri-artisan students who are 25 years or younger. This level is not applicable when applying to participate in an Artisan Trail).

• Affiliate / Art-Related Venue - $150 per year

Affiliates are businesses and organizations that support the mission and work of ACV. Art/Craft-Related Venues are venues, businesses and organizations, for-profit or not-for-profit, engaged in exhibiting or promoting or selling the works of a multiple of local craft artisans and may also represent artists of other media. This can include schools, museums, galleries and cultural/historic sites that have a direct connection to Virginia craft.

• Individual Membership (non-artisan) - $50 per year

Individual patrons who support ACV’s mission of “developing and implementing systems and strategies to improve economic outcomes for Virginia artisans and their communities while assisting them in promoting their local artisan culture.”

All members receive:

  • The “Virginia Artisan” quarterly e-update featuring artisan news & opportunities.
  • Periodic “Calendar of Events” announcements.
  • Workshop & Statewide Artisan Conference discounts.

Optional opportunities available to members:

  • Eligible to participate in ACV Artisan Trail Network (locality specific, participation guidelines apply).
  • Eligible to participate in ACV networking events.
  • Eligible for menu of fee-based Consultation Services.
  • Eligible for sponsorship & co-marketing opportunities.

“Next Generation” - Students 25 years and under receive:

  • Annual discount for up to 2 consecutive years, (full membership level is required for “Artisan Trail Network” participation or ACV Juried Virginia Artisan application submission).

Affiliate Organizations & Art-Related Venue Members receive:

  • Certificate of Affiliation.
  • Acknowledgement in applicable program materials and online.
  • Art-Related Venues are eligible to upgrade to include a fully dynamic, integrated profile on the ACV website and use of “ACV Affiliate” brand (upgrade fee applies).

Craft Artisan Members are eligible to apply for Juried Virginia Artisan distinction.The most highly respected statewide standard of craft excellence! (Application fee applies). Click here to learn more about the ACV Jury

  • Use of highly recognized national brand and graphic seal denoting “ACV Juried Virginia Artisan”
  • Fully dynamic, integrated Profile Page on the ACV Website & Artisan Registry
  • Use of ACV Calendar of Events.
  • Eligible to participate in ACV Juried Exhibitions, Retail Placement Program &/or become an ACV Studio School Instructor


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