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This spring, ACV was contacted by a group of ladies planning a trail outing. As they went to the website to create their itinerary and choose who to visit, they bypassed those whose pages were empty. PLEASE MAKE AN EFFORT TO KEEP OUR PAGE INTERESTING AND INVITING! You never know when an opportunity like this might come your way. If you need help with your page, EMAIL US!


When you post events on the ACV calendar, your events become part of ACV’s broader digital marketing/social media posts. If you know what events and activities you are planning for this season, take a few minutes to log-in and post everything to the calendar at once. People are not going to know what you are doing if you don’t tell them, and we can’t support your effort if you don’t put it on the calendar! If you need help with your the calendar, EMAIL US!

CLICK HERE to download ACV’s “Member Guide to Online Features-Tools

CLICK HERE to download ACV Member’s “Digital Marketing Guidelines”


When you use the ACV brand, you are letting people know that you are part of a larger community throughout Virginia. Place applicable ACV logos on your website, Facebook page, business cards, brochures, letterhead, farmer’s market signage and any other place you interact with the
public. When you create press releases for your events, add a note that you are a member of ACV. If you are on an Artisan Trail or the Virginia Oyster Trail, Display your trail site sign prominently. If you need logos, EMAIL US!


Through your trail membership, not only are you connected with talented people throughout the state as you are part of a state-wide and national networks. It’s up to you to take advantage of these connections by participating in local events, like a regional “Open Door Tours”, and larger events like American Craft week. You can also plan your own events by yourself or in collaboration with other members and ACV will help promote. If you are hosting a collaborative event or want to participate in American Craft Week,EMAIL US!


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