We’re Not Just Building A Trail,

We’re Cultivating Local Economy!

Enrollment is a 4 step process:

1. Read the Virginia Oyster Trail Participation Details.

2. Complete the Trail Site Online Application Form.

3. Submit payment after submitting Application Form.

4. Trail Site Review: Your Application is submitted to an approval process to ensure that your business meets the participation criteria. Once approved, you’ll receive an official “welcome,” with your login codes and trail sign.

Links to download mail-in applications:

If you have questions, please contact the Artisans Center of Virginia.

Fee Structure:

The Virginia Oyster Trail program recognizes a synergy with businesses that may already be enrolled as a trail sites on Virginia’s Artisan Trail Network. Qualifying businesses may choose to participate on both trails and in doing so realize a significant discount on their participation fees. Each trail program is distinctively unique with separate websites and participation criteria, yet they share a unified functional structure. In addition to the reduced fees, the unification utilizes a “one login code” system. This means that when you login to add information to your online profile or the event calendar, it will be visible on each distinctive website… a real-time time saver!

Payment Chart

Trail Member Benefits include:

• Individual business profile on VirginiaOysterTrail.com
• Inclusion on the Virginia Oyster Trail visitor map
• “Virginia Oyster Trail” metallic locator sign
• Use of Virginia Oyster Trail logo
• Calendar & Digital Marketing via Facebook & Twitter
• Connective networking opportunities
• Eligible to participate in trail-related promotions
• Eligible for entrepreneurial services


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